Ryan Reynolds flipped an acting career into a brand factory. And he’s made $350M along the way


But he’s not following a script. He’s writing his own. Over and over again. With wild success. Here’s how he does it. → Ryan starts acting in the 90’s, doing sitcoms and romcoms. → In 2016, he levels up to Marvel stardom in Deadpool. → In a gutsy move, Ryan negotiates a small paycheck plus a chunky backend if it does well. → Deadpool is a hit. That chunky backend is $22M. His biggest payday so far. And then he puts the cash to work.

Fast forward to 2018. Ryan’s at a bar. Sipping a Negroni. It’s good. Really good. He asks the bartender why the drink is so tasty. It’s the gin. Aviation Gin to be exact. Ryan sniffs an opportunity. And jumps on it. He buys a stake in Aviation Gin, reformulates the drink, and throws his weight behind the brand. Growth explodes. In 2020, Diageo scoops up the company for $610M. Score one for Ryan. Onto the next.

In 2019, Ryan buys into Mint Mobile. It’s a low phone carrier. Then he pulls a rinse-and-repeat. He throws in some cash, tweaks the marketing, and hires himself as the front man. Four years later, T-Mobile buys Mint for $1.35B. Another win. But our boy’s not done.

In 2020, Ryan buys an obscure soccer club called Wrexham. It’s a head scratcher. But then it all makes sense. He turns it into a reality show. About a guy who bought an obscure soccer club. And that guy’s name is — wait for it — Ryan Reynolds. I don’t know how the soccer team is doing. But Ryan will do just fine.

At the core, Ryan’s a value-add investor with a marketing superpower. He spots an asset and buys into the action. Then he builds a customer community to rally behind the brand. And drives up the value. He did it with Deadpool. And Aviation Gin. And Mint Mobile. And Wrexham. I’ve got a feeling he’s not done yet. #marketing #growth #brand P.S. At Influicity, we build Customer Communities that drive growth. I love showcasing people like Ryan who demonstrate how it’s done. For the full blueprint, hit the link in my profile.


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