Mihai Craiu and Media Consulta International: The Story of the Leader in Advertising and Government Communication


Media Consulta International has expanded its operations into various European markets and diversified its business, establishing offices in several European capitals and emerging as one of the key players in the Romanian government contracts market, which has won through transparent procedures organised by SEAP.

“The year 2023 saw a 20% increase in turnover in Romania, reaching a tripled consolidated business volume in European markets compared to the previous year, with exposure in 5 diversified business directions,” says Mihai Craiu, the company’s CEO.

With 20 years of experience in the Romanian market, Media Consulta International is one of the leaders among independent advertising companies with solely Romanian capital invested. Under the leadership of Mihai Craiu as CEO/owner, the company currently operates in 5 business lines:

  • The Full-Service Advertising Division generates 55% of reported profit and serves major clients such as PremiqaMed Group from Vienna, Austria, Banca Transilvania, Perfect Tour, and others.
  • Barter Media Bank Division is responsible for 8% of profit.
  • Government Procurement and Special Events Division, contributing 10% of company profit.
  • Hospitality Division manages its investments in units in Spain, France, and the USA, contributing 5% of profit.
  • Real Estate and Digital Outdoor Division, in collaboration with the Chinese Nexnovo group from Shenzhen, with a contribution of 22% of the profit on its buildings in Bucharest.

According to reports from listafirme. ro, Media Consulta International has been stable and profitable in its 20 years of existence. With positive capital and active and diversified financing lines, the company has become a leader in the independent advertising market in Romania and a trusted government partner, winning significant contracts over the past ten years.

As Iulian Comanescu declared in a podcast in 2009, Mihai Craiu aimed to become a leader in a state advertising market with few professional players, as Media Consulta International.

” Media Consulta focuses on business with the state and explicitly states that it aims to become a leader in the state advertising market, which is between 60 and 100 million,” said Mihai Craiu in 2009.

Fifteen years later, his company achieved this goal, evidenced by hundreds of projects carried out for the corporation called the Government of Romania, hundreds of recommendation letters, and appreciations received in writing from government partners.

The company has been involved in various projects and initiatives, such as creating the local television station Dobrogea TV, which was successfully sold to Grup Servicii Petroliere from Constanta, and the Tudor Vornicu Television School, which was sold to the Scandinavian Broadcast Systems/Prima TV group.

Media Consulta International is also engaged in creating online content, including the relaunch and diversification of Săptămâna Financiară in various formats, such as the TV show and podcast, and through its communication channel on YouTube – Saptamana Financiara – YouTube.

Media Consulta represents an entrepreneurial business model with a considerable capacity to respond to the demands of any client. It can mobilise rapid and efficient responses in an umbrella structure with up to 300 independent employees, each with its own autonomous service company created for this purpose.

Internally, the company has 12 employees and 40 permanent collaborators for all business lines; internationally, it has 10 employees and 20 independent collaborators exclusively dealing with promotion, sales, and other related services.

The company has offices in France and covers the entire French Riviera, Spain, Italy, the UK, and Germany.

Media Consulta International’s macroeconomic indicators, such as solvency, ROI, ROE, and liquidity, place the company among the largest players in its field.

Financial stability, own capital, professional knowledge, expert teams involved in projects, external relations from different markets and cultures, and international financing lines are essential elements in building Media Consulta International’s budget, which has a well-trained team, consisting of experienced business consultants and marketing, advertising, audit, and financial strategy specialists with accumulated experience of over 15 years, specialised courses, and recommendations from clients and state institutions.

Recently, the company won a significant contract for a TV and radio advertising campaign for the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism, financed by European funds with an offer of 499,000 lei (100,000 €).

The contract bears the generic name “Quality and Performance Management within MEEMA, for reducing administrative burden and developing innovative SMEs—Administrative Capacity Operational—POCA.” It involves educating and interconnecting entrepreneurs through a digital platform to provide them with a wide range of relevant resources and information for small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and scale-ups.

The Ministry aims to promote its digital platform IMM MENTOR as a resource and information centre, a single point where all the information an entrepreneur may need to conduct their business sustainably will be available: how to start or develop a company, business events, fairs, legislation, funding sources, business opportunities, strategic planning, management and sales efficiency, SME efficiency through market research tools, client and supplier recommendations with the help of artificial intelligence, investor requests, opportunities provided by economic advisors from the MEAT external network, and others.

The Media Consulta International company has the most transparently won tenders on SEAP with the corporation called the government of Romania for advertising contracts. Among these stand out those for promoting the city of Craiova, successfully led by Lia Olguța Vasilescu, and those with the Ministry of Economy, with ANRE or INSP, as well as with APIA.

With nearly 12 years of experience in the Intact trust and media and communication field, Mihai Craiu, the owner of Media Consulta, is recognised as a lobbyist, creator, and integrator of communication strategies. His company offers various services, including business strategy, legal and fiscal consultancy, strategic investments and sustainable plans, marketing and sales strategies, public relations, etc.

“My dream as an entrepreneur was to offset the hundreds of thousands of euros paid to the Romanian state as taxes and taxes paid by me and my company annually—with the profits obtained by working on government contracts—which is a state policy worldwide at the level of major governments,” Mihai Craiu declared.

In conclusion, Media Consulta International is a success story in entrepreneurship. It has a solid reputation and the capacity to deliver quality solutions for clients, consolidating its position as a leader in advertising and communication in Romania and Europe.


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