Orthopedic surgery and sports traumatology


Sports Traumatology in the private hospitals of PremiQaMed Group (youtube.com)

Vienna’s medical tradition involves two historical figures, Adolf Lorenz and Lorenz Böhler and, who founded both orthopedics and modern trauma surgery. This tradition is still going strong at Vienna’s hospitals in the PremiQaMed Group, where most advanced trauma surgery and orthopedics procedures are performed by internationally renowned specialists.

The chances of correcting problems of the musculoskeletal system are better than ever. Thanks to modern diagnostic procedures, the causes – malposition, accident or signs of wear and tear – can be clarified easily.

A lot of specialists at the PremiQaMed hospitals also work as team doctors for various sports teams. Their experience within the world of professional sports also benefits other patients.

Minimally invasive surgery methods allow for short hospital stays and a quick recovery of the patients, so that they can return to their active life as quickly as possible.

Another goal is to preserve anatomical structures as much as possible instead of removing them. Tissue regeneration is another focus, e.g. the regeneration of cartilage with autologous (body’s own) tissue in order to reconstruct the cartilage and avoid joint replacement.

The most common services include:


– Meniscus surgery:

Treatment of knee conditions caused by sports practice (youtube.com)

– Reconstruction of the cruciate and collateral ligaments:

Injury or rupture of the cruciate ligaments? Reconstruction through Advanced ACL Repair (youtube.com)


Treatment of shoulder dislocations, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, shoulder calcification and arthrosis,

Shoulder Surgery at Döbling Private Hospital (youtube.com)


Treatment of foot deformities (flatfoot, clubfoot, splayfoot)

Implantation of artificial joints in case of ankle arthrosis

Ankle Arthritis – Restoring Mobility Pain-Free Through Ankle Arthroplasty (youtube.com)

Cartilage regeneration:

Cartilage Regeneration, Orthobiologics, and Joint Preservation at Döbling Private Hospital (youtube.com)



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Male runner suffering with pain on sports running knee injury. Sport person often have injury.
Knee arthroscopy orthopedic surgery operation in hospital operating room photo showing surgeon with arthroscopy camera and probe.
Doctor testing a knee for stability of injured football player in clinic


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