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Marbella, the jewel of the Costa del Sol, boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Spain. Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, Marbella offers a variety of beach experiences, from family-friendly shores to hidden coves where you might even spot a celebrity. In this article, we’ll explore the nearest beaches from The Town House, the intriguing sandy vs. pebbly debate, the allure of nude beaches, and even more.

Nearest beaches from The Town House

The Town House Marbella enjoys a prime location, and its proximity to the stunning Mediterranean shores is one of its most alluring features. A short walk from this stylish establishment, you’ll discover Playa de la Fontanilla, a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. This sandy stretch of coastline offers a relaxed ambiance, with sunbeds and umbrellas available for comfort. Its beachfront chiringuitos (beach bars) serve up delectable seafood, ensuring your taste buds get a taste of the Andalusian culinary delights.

Playa de la Fontanilla

If you are looking for even more comfort, Playa de la Venus is practically at your doorstep. This small yet inviting beach offers a tranquil escape, perfect for a morning swim or an evening stroll along the water’s edge. Whether you’re seeking vibrant beach life or a serene retreat, the nearest beaches from Town House provide the ideal starting point for your Marbella beach experience.

Sandy vs. pebbles beaches

Marbella is famous for its sandy beaches, such as the vibrant Playa de la Bajadilla. However, if you prefer pebbles under your feet, head to Playa de la Fontanilla or Playa de Nagüeles, which provide a unique beach experience.  The choice is yours!

The debate between sandy and pebble beaches is a common among beachgoers, and in Marbella, you have the luxury of choosing the type of shore that suits your preferences. Sandy beaches, like the Playa de la Bajadilla, are the epitome of the classic beach experience. With soft, golden sands stretching as far as the eye can see, they offer a perfect canvas for building sandcastles, sunbathing or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge. The good news is that the beach is around 15 minutes walk from the Town House hotel.

Playa de La Bajadilla
Playa de La Bajadilla

On the other hand, if you’re curious to explore the pebbly side of Marbella’s coastline, Playa de la Fontanilla and Playa de Nagüeles are excellent choices. These pebbly beaches provide a unique texture underfoot and are often less crowded than their sandy counterparts. The distinctive ambience and sound of pebbles caressing the waves add a touch of tranquility to your beach experience.

Both sandy and pebbly beaches in Marbella offer distinct advantages, and the choice between them largely depends on your preferences. Whether you’re looking for the classic sandy beach experience or the quiet charm of pebbles, Marbella’s coastline has a spot for everyone to enjoy the sun, sea and sand in their own way.

Marbella Beach Playa Nagueles Nagüeles promenade beside Casablanca in Malaga province of Spain

Nude beaches

Marbella is known for its liberal atmosphere, and you’ll find a few clothing-optional beaches here. Playa de Guadalmina and Playa Artola (also known as Cabopino Beach) are two popular options for those who dare to go all out. Marbella’s liberal and open-minded atmosphere extends to its coastline, where you’ll find a few clothing-optional or nude beaches. For those who are comfortable in their own skin, these secluded spots offer a unique and liberating experience.

Playa de Guadalmina is one such beach where you can shed your swimsuit and enjoy the freedom of swimming and sunbathing in the buff. This beach is known for its beautiful dunes and calm waters, making it a peaceful and natural setting for those who prefer an au naturel experience.

Playa de Guadalmina

Another option is Playa Artola, also known as Cabopino Beach. This hidden gem is tucked away within a protected nature reserve, offering a tranquil environment for those who prefer to bare it all. The sand dunes and lush greenery create a picturesque backdrop for your clothing-optional escapade.

It’s important to note that although these beaches are optional, they are usually marked by signs or a well-known reputation, so you’ll know when you’ve reached a designated area. As always, it’s essential to be respectful and considerate of others’ choices and comfort levels when visiting these beaches. Nude beaches in Marbella attract a diverse crowd of sun-seekers who appreciate the freedom of expressing themselves in a natural and non-judgmental setting.

Playa Artola

Beaches for families

For a family-friendly beach day, Playa de la Fontanilla and Playa de la Venus are perfect. They offer safe swimming conditions and a wide range of water sports for the enjoyment of the little ones. Marbella’s coastline isn’t just about glamour and exclusivity; it’s also a fantastic destination for families seeking a wholesome beach experience. Whether you have kids in tow or just want a relaxed family day out, there are several family-friendly beaches to choose from:

Playa de la Fontanilla, just a short distance from Marbella’s Town House, is a prime choice for families. With its soft sands, shallow waters and a wide range of facilities, it is perfect for children to build sandcastles and paddle in the sea. Beachfront restaurants offer a variety of dishes, ensuring even the pickiest eaters will find something they love.

Playa de la Fontanilla
Playa de la Fontanilla

Playa de la Venus, located even closer, is another ideal spot for families. This charming little beach has a playground on the sand, allowing children to combine beach fun with swings and slides. Its calm waters make it safe for swimming, and the nearby chiringuitos serve tasty tapas and refreshments for the whole family.

Playa de la Venus

Additionally, Playa de San Pedro, just a short drive away, is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and ample space for beach games. It also has a promenade perfect for cycling and skateboarding.

Marbella’s family-friendly beaches come with a welcoming ambiance, making them the perfect backdrop for fond memories with your loved ones. With gentle waves, soft sands and various amenities at your disposal, you can relax and enjoy quality family time by the Mediterranean Sea.

Playa de San Pedro

Where to go snorkeling?

If you’re into snorkeling, head to Calahonda Beach. The crystal-clear waters here are teeming with marine life and vibrant underwater landscapes waiting to be explored.

Marbella’s beaches offer more than just sunbathing and swimming; they also provide an enchanting underwater world waiting to be explored. If you’re an avid snorkeler or just curious about what lies beneath the surface, Calahonda Beach is your go-to destination. Located a short drive from the heart of Marbella, this beach is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts. The Mediterranean waters here are clear and teeming with a vibrant array of marine life, including colorful fish and even occasional encounters with friendly sea turtles. Snorkeling at Calahonda Beach allows you to immerse yourself in a captivating world of underwater beauty, with rocky formations and swaying seagrass beds creating an underwater landscape that is as captivating as it is diverse. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned snorkeler, Calahonda Beach is an excellent spot to witness the astonishing marine life of the Costa del Sol while enjoying the warm Mediterranean waters.

Nature beaches vs. posh beaches

Marbella caters to every taste. While Puerto Banús and Nikki Beach offer a taste of the high life, the quieter, more natural settings like Playa de Cabopino and Playa de las Chapas are perfect for those seeking a more serene beach experience. Marbella offers a striking contrast when it comes to its beaches, catering to various tastes and preferences.

On one hand, you have the posh and glamorous beaches, exemplified by Puerto Banús and exclusive beach clubs like Nikki Beach. These are the playgrounds of the rich and famous, where luxury knows no bounds. Visitors here can indulge in high-end services, extravagant beachfront lounges, and a vibrant party scene. While at Puerto Banús, you might even spot a celebrity or two enjoying their beachfront experience.

On the other hand, Marbella boasts natural, unspoiled beaches that provide a stark contrast to the glitz and glamour. Playa de Cabopino, a hidden gem within a protected nature reserve, is a prime example. This beach offers a serene, peaceful atmosphere with its sand dunes, thick pine forests and a tranquil marina. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a more untouched, rustic, and eco-friendly beach experience.

Playa de las Chapas, located to the east of Marbella, is another nature-focused gem. Surrounded by indigenous plant life and clear waters, it’s an ideal spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and embrace the unspoiled beauty of the Costa del Sol.

Ultimately, the choice between nature beaches and posh beaches in Marbella allows visitors to select the ambiance that aligns with their preferences. While the posh beaches offer luxury, opulence and entertainment, the nature beaches provide tranquility, seclusion, and an opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world. Marbella’s dual personality along its coastline ensures that every beach lover can find their perfect haven.

Water temperature month by month

Wondering when to plan your beach vacation? Marbella offers pleasant water temperatures throughout the year, ranging from around 59°F (15°C) in winter to 77°F (25°C) in summer. The summer months are undoubtedly the best time for a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Water activities – Dolphin watching

Marbella’s beaches are not just for sunbathing. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in activities like jet-skiing, paddleboarding, and even dolphin watching tours. Seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is a truly magical experience.

Questions you always wanted to ask but were too embarrassed

Are there sharks in Marbella?

Thankfully, the Mediterranean waters around Marbella are generally shark-free. The occasional sighting of non-dangerous species is extremely rare. The mention of sharks often stirs a mix of curiosity and concern among beachgoers, but when it comes to Marbella, you can put most of your shark-related worries to rest. The Mediterranean Sea, which Marbella borders, is generally not known for its large population of dangerous sharks. While it’s true that various shark species inhabit the Mediterranean, most of these are relatively small and non-aggressive.

The most commonly encountered species in the Mediterranean include the sandbar shark, the dogfish, and the smoothhound shark. These sharks are generally harmless to humans and are not typically found in the areas where people swim and enjoy the beaches.

Shark attacks in the Mediterranean, including the Marbella region, are extremely rare. To put it in perspective, the risk of a shark encounter in the Mediterranean is minuscule when compared to other potential beach hazards.

Can you see celebrities on Marbella beaches?

Marbella is a popular destination for celebrities, and you might just spot one while sipping cocktails at a beachfront bar. However, it’s more common in exclusive beach clubs like Nikki Beach and Ocean Club. Marbella is renowned not only for its beautiful beaches but also for its status as a preferred destination for the rich and famous. As such, it’s no surprise that the possibility of spotting a celebrity on Marbella’s beaches is an intriguing prospect for many visitors.

The answer to the question of whether you can see celebrities on Marbella beaches is a resounding yes. Marbella’s allure as a luxurious and picturesque coastal town has attracted the international jet set for decades. Celebrities, including actors, musicians, sports stars, and business moguls, often visit Marbella to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun and lifestyle.

While you might not run into celebrities on every visit, there are specific spots in Marbella where the chances of a celebrity sighting increase. Puerto Banús, in particular, is famous for its marina and luxury boutiques, and it’s a hotspot where many celebrities stay and socialize.

What is the most expensive private beach in Marbella?

The Marbella Club Beach is renowned for its exclusivity. It offers a private, luxurious beach experience for a discerning clientele. Marbella is synonymous with luxury, and it boasts some of the most opulent private beaches along the Costa del Sol. If you’re looking for the most exclusive, and hence the most expensive, private beach in Marbella, look no further than Marbella Club Beach.

The Marbella Club Beach is the epitome of extravagant beachfront experiences. Located at the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel, it offers a world of exclusivity and sophistication. Access to this private beach is reserved for hotel guests and members only, ensuring an intimate and secluded atmosphere. The exclusivity, personalized service, and attention to detail here make it a top choice for celebrities, dignitaries, and those seeking the utmost in luxury.

The beach club offers pristine sands, comfortable loungers, and cabanas for relaxation. You can savor gourmet cuisine and refreshing cocktails while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The staff is known for their unwavering commitment to providing an unparalleled experience, making every visitor feel like a VIP. While the Marbella Club Beach is indeed the most expensive private beach in Marbella, it delivers on its promise of lavishness and indulgence. If you’re willing to splurge for a day of unparalleled luxury, this private beach is where you can bask in the very best that Marbella has to offer.

What Type of Swimwear Is Popular in Spain?

In Spain, you’ll see a wide variety of swimwear, but the traditional European-style swim trunks and bikinis are the norm. However, Marbella’s cosmopolitan vibe welcomes all types of swimwear. Spain, with its diverse coastal regions and beach culture, has a vibrant and fashion-forward swimwear scene. Popular swimwear styles in Spain reflect a blend of tradition, modern trends, and individual expression.

For women, the traditional bikini reigns supreme. Two-piece swimsuits come in a wide variety of styles, including triangle tops, bandeaus, and high-waisted bottoms. Bright and bold colors, as well as playful patterns, are commonly seen on the beaches of Spain. European women often embrace a confident and body-positive attitude, so you’ll see all body types rocking stylish swimwear with pride.

Men in Spain typically opt for swim trunks that are shorter in length and tailored for a fitted, trendy appearance. Colors and patterns vary, but you’ll often see bold and vibrant choices, including floral prints and nautical themes.

For both men and women, accessorizing with stylish sunglasses, hats, and cover-ups is a common practice. Spanish beachgoers appreciate a sense of style that transcends the water’s edge, and they often opt for high-quality beach attire that can easily transition to beachside cafes and beach clubs.

It’s worth noting that Spanish beach fashion tends to be body-positive and inclusive, embracing a diverse range of body shapes and sizes. Confidence and comfort are key, so you’ll often find people wearing swimwear that makes them feel great about themselves while enjoying the sun and sea. Ultimately, when it comes to swimwear in Spain, the rule is to choose what makes you feel most confident and enjoy your time at the beach or by the pool.

What is the hottest spot?

When it comes to the trendiest beaches, Puerto Banús takes the crown. It’s not just a beach but a lifestyle experience with upscale bars, restaurants, and luxury boutiques. Puerto Banús is more than just a marina; it’s a lifestyle destination where the elite gather to see and be seen. This glamorous area boasts luxury boutiques, high-end restaurants, and a thriving nightlife scene. The marina is filled with impressive superyachts, and it’s not uncommon to spot celebrities, athletes, and business magnates enjoying the upscale atmosphere.

Puerto Banus

During the day, you can stroll along the promenade, sipping a coffee or cocktail at one of the trendy cafés. The designer boutiques and artisan shops lining the streets make for an excellent shopping experience. In the evening, Puerto Banús transforms into a hub for fine dining and entertainment, with a wide array of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Alternatively, Nikki Beach Marbella, located on Playa Hotel Don Carlos, is the ultimate beach club hotspot. Known for its legendary beach parties and luxurious beachfront experience, Nikki Beach is a place to see and be seen. With its trendy crowd, lively music, and chic decor, it’s a top choice for those who want to soak up the sun in style.

Ultimately, the hottest spot in Marbella depends on your personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for high-end shopping, vibrant nightlife, or a lively beach club experience, Marbella has something for everyone, ensuring you’ll find your perfect hotspot for enjoyment and relaxation.

Nikki Beach Marbella

What are the beaches with the most beautiful tourists?

Beauty is a subjective concept, and the allure of a beautiful tourist extends far beyond mere physical appearances. In Marbella, a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, you’ll encounter a diverse range of people, each with their own unique charm. It’s not so much about the “most beautiful” tourists as it is about the vibrant mix of personalities and cultures that make Marbella’s beaches so captivating.

If you’re interested in socializing and meeting a diverse array of people, the vibrant and upscale beaches of Puerto Banús and the beach clubs, such as Nikki Beach, are known for attracting a stylish and cosmopolitan crowd. Here, you can mingle with international jet-setters, celebrities, and socialites, making it a perfect place to appreciate the diverse beauty of human connections.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more natural and unpretentious atmosphere, quieter beaches like Playa de Cabopino or Playa de las Chapas draw visitors who appreciate the peaceful serenity and the opportunity to interact with fellow travelers in a relaxed and laid-back setting. The beauty you’ll find here is in the authenticity of the connections you make and the appreciation of the simplicity of life by the sea.

Ultimately, the most beautiful aspect of Marbella’s beaches is the mingling of people from all corners of the globe, each bringing their unique beauty in terms of culture, language, stories, and experiences. Marbella’s beaches are not just about physical appearances; they’re about the beauty of human connections and shared moments in this idyllic coastal paradise.

Marbella’s beaches have something for everyone, whether you’re a family seeking a relaxing getaway or a jet-setter looking for a glamorous beachfront experience. With its stunning shores, pleasant climate, and diverse beach options, Marbella is truly a beach lover’s paradise on the Costa del Sol.

Our boutique hotel is located in the heart of Marbella’s Old Town and you can experience an old school luxury vibes at some of the best rates in the city! Plus, you have all the best beaches of Marbella at walking or short drive distance!

Distance from Town House hotel to Marbella’s beaches

  • The Town House – Playa de la Venus – 4 minutes walk
  • The Town House – Playa de la Bajadilla – 14 minutes walk
  • The Town House – Playa de la Fontanilla – 20 minutes walking distance
  • The Town House – Playa de Nagüeles – 12 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Marbella Club Beach – 12 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Playa de Nagüeles – 13 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Nikki Beach – 15 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Calahonda Beach – 16 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Cabopino Beach – 17 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Playa de San Pedro – 20 minutes drive
  • The Town House – Playa de Guadalmina – 25 minutes drive

As you can see, Town House Marbella is close to everything you need for a memorable beach experience. Book your stay with us!



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