You Will Own Absolutely Nothing by 2050 — And Here’s Exactly How It Will Happen


Corporate enslavement of the masses is now inevitable unless we make this one change

If you walk into the average mattress store or a furniture behemoth like IKEA, you can pick up a pretty standard queen-sized mattress for around $600.

But what will happen to the price of mattresses when they become investments?

Let’s pretend you run a $10 trillion multinational investment monopoly like Blackrock. You do the math and realize you can rent a mattress to poor suckers for $99 per month on a 36-month contract.

That $600 mattress is worth $3,600 in revenue to you, $3,000 of which is hard profit.

But the reality is that right now, most working people can afford to buy a $600 mattress, whether they save up for a few months or put it on a credit card.

If you’re a multinational money monopoly like Blackrock, you need to create market demand for mattress rentals by pushing mattress prices higher.

So you go to IKEA headquarters, or directly to their major mattress manufacturers and say, “Hey, retailing to consumers is for chumps. I’ll pay you $3,000 for all one million mattresses you were planning to make this year, and I’ll pay cash upfront.”

The manufacturer is happy because he has a guaranteed buyer for all his mattresses this year, he has zero headaches with returns, and he gets five times the revenues and profits.

(Or Blackrock just buys all the major mattress manufacturers outright.)

Either way, because of investor demand for a consumer goodretail prices start to soar. Because everyday consumers are now competing with multinational investment monopolies for mattresses.

How many people do you know who can afford to pay $3,600 for a mattress?

Pretty soon, no one can afford to own a mattress, and everyone has no choice but to rent one instead. Now, instead of paying $600 every decade to own a mattress, consumers have to pay $99 per month for the rest of their lives — $60,000 over 50 years — just to sleep in a bed.

If this sounds like the biggest scam in economic history, it’s because it is.

And it’s the reason you will own nothing by 2050.

There is a name for an economic system in which the vast majority own nothing and have to slave their entire lives just to stay alive.

It’s called serfdom.

And that’s exactly where billionaire sociopaths want the 99% to live, toil, and die.

So they’re transitioning our global economy to a new economic model:

Banksters + investors + rent-seeking = Serfdom 2.0

Memorize and understand this formula. This is why your economic life is getting harder and why the working world is suffering economically:

  1. Banks loan trillions to investment monopolies.
  2. Investment monopolies devour corporations.
  3. Corporations financialize industries and shift to the rent-for-life model.

This is the equation that will define our lives and our children’s futures.

This is the new economic model that will obliterate democracy, finish destroying the planet, and put an end to the human rights and freedoms so hard-won by World War II.

Because everything is just a commodified investment now.

Because it’s already happening.

Even the wicked Queen of England — whose rent-seeking family owes hundreds of billions in reparations for centuries of slavery, murder, and genocide — got caught in the Paradise Papers for investing £10 million in furniture rental company BrightHouse, a company known for making the poor pay a poverty premium — up to three times the cash price — just to rent a table and some chairs.

How else do you think she pays for gold carriages and £12 million settlements for her “innocent” pedophile rapist son?

  • Cars that retail for $30,000 will suddenly cost $60,000 over a eight-year rental plan.
  • Furniture that retails for $1,000 — be it a couch or table — will suddenly cost $6,000 over a five-year rental plan.
  • TVs, fridges, and washing machines will go from $1,000 upfront to $9,000 over a six-year rental.
  • Boots and shoes that once cost $100 will cost $1,000 at “just” $29/month.

Yes, clothing will eventually be subsumed by the investment monopoly’s rent-for-life model.

Anything that can turn a profit will be made to turn a profit.

The financialization of real estate is already the costliest scam on the planet, costing consumers $326 trillion so far and rising rapidly.

That’s because investors know we desperately need shelter.

Rather than working and contributing like moral humans, land-lorders monopolize the human necessity of shelter in order to flay a passive profit off the backs of active laborers.

(It’s quite telling that after every revolution, it’s the banksters and land-lorders who go to prison… or worse.)

Now, multinational monopolies are hoovering up single-family homes, outbidding families and paying cash, just to turn around and rent it back to real humans at vastly inflated rental prices.

That’s why the average house will cost $10 million within our lifetime, and everyone you know will be a rent slave.

When people are paying $60,000 in rent for a bed, they aren’t as able to save up for other purchases.

It means they can’t afford to buy a new car, so they have to get on a payment plan instead, which means they’ll waste nearly $500,000 on cars in their lifetime.

And $50,000+ for cell phones.
And $25,000+ for

 that used to go for $500.
And $5,000+ for Bill Gates’s wretched Word processor.

It means they can’t afford to buy a house, so they have to get on a payment plan instead, either a gigantic mortgage that enriches banksters, or an overpriced rental that enriches land-lorders.

As investors prey on more and more industries, it creates a downward spiral of corporate dependency for consumers. They lose wealth and choice and, ultimately, freedom.

It’s corporate enslavement, and no one sees it coming.

We should be screaming it from the rooftops.

It is an instant remedy that our idiotic generation will resist until it is far too late, but posterity will see it as so glaringly obvious that they will curse our bones for being so unfathomably stupid:

In the face of Serfdom 2.0, humanity will inevitably have to ban rent-seeking and corporate profit-making from all human necessities.

Capitalism pretends it is a game of “efficiency,” but the notion is so laughable as to be absurd.

Efficient for who?

Certainly not for our dying planet.
Certainly not for the millions of child slaves and billions of adult laborers.
Certainly not for all eight billion consumers who will soon have to drop $60,000 over their lifetime for mattresses and $5,000,000+ for basic shelter.

Corporate profit is the ultimate inefficiency.

When all land and resources were free, a hard-working family could build a house of stone for less than 500 hours of work per person and it would last for centuries. Now, corporations are re-engineering the global economy for maximal economic dependence and profit-taking — just another form of slavery, albeit a tad less 12 Years a Slave and a little more Brave New World.

The rich do what they will, and the poor suffer what they must.

When we ban rent-seeking and profit-taking from all human necessities, prices will fall drastically.

Affordable homeownership will be easily accessible to the vast majority of working folk.

The rich will be slightly less rich, and the working contributor class will retain far more of the wealth they solely create.

And we’ll actually own the beds we sleep in at night.

But of course, it will never happen.

Because monopolists want to own everything.

They especially want to own you.


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