No morality, no ethics, non-refunded bank loans, offshores & shell companies, Panama Papers presence, DNA criminal investigation in case no. 2788 / P / 2014… Who are Liviu Tudor’s “colleagues”? Toni Blair, Czech Prime Minister investigated for corruption – Andrej Babis, King Abdullah of Jordan, etc… “Businessmen’s” heaven detailed in a complex investigation


Mr. LIVIU TUDOR – „Bad” at tax payment, „Winner” at tax evasion. From where does the Romania’s Real Estate King get his inspiration and who are his “colleagues”

Well known in the Romanian business landscape, Mr. Liviu Tudor – nicknamed as “Romania’s Real Estate King“, plays the main role in many topics with and about money, tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement, organized criminal group, robbing of some Romania’s banking institutions, sex scandals, and the list may go on if we have at our disposal at least a few months.

However, if there is somebody that has not heard about of this gentleman, I invite you to read below his “business card“:

BIO LIVIU TUDOR (as per Romania’s press articles)

  • Professional side:
  • Cetăț – Article published on October 14th, 2015:

“How a Romanian company pumped 10 million euros into Mr. Liviu Tudor’s (the Romania’s Real Estate tycoon) villa, located in France. Suspects of money laundering and tax evasion”

  • TV show “Excess of power with Oana Zamfir and Adrian Ursu” (from Romanian Television Antena3) from May 20th, 2016.

“How ANAF (Romanian Institution for Tax Administration) misses the real billionaires. Millions of euros pumped into offshores and permanently lost art collections

  • – Article published on May 21st, 2016:

“Excess of power: How ANAF (Romanian Institution for Tax Administration) misses the real billionaires. Millions of euros pumped into offshores and permanently lost art collections”

  • – Article published on December 13rd, 2019:

“While ANAF (Romanian Institution for Tax Administration) proudly announces the publication of ‘Shame’s list’, the billionaire Liviu Tudor (the Romania’s Real Estate King) is making money laundering through offshores located in Panama, under the eye of the DNA (Romanian Institution against Corruption)”

  • – Article published on October 14th, 2015:

“New dark case of millions of euros related to an Internet mogul” (i.e.: as you can see later in the article it is about Mr. Liviu Tudor) “

  • – Article published on April 11st, 2021:

“Bancorex (formerly a successful bank in Romania) investigations – Liviu Tudor – And how the Romanian billionaires were “made””

  •– Article published on May 8th, 2016:

“HOT NEWS with Romanians mentioned in Panama Papers” (i.e.: as you can see later in the article it is about Mr. Liviu Tudor)

  • – Article published on May 8th, 2016:

“HOT NEWS with Romanians mentioned in Panama Papers” (i.e.: as you can see later in the article it is about Mr. Liviu Tudor)

  • – Article published on October 28th, 2014:

“Being under great wealth at Adevărul, (a newspaper in Romania) Halpert and Corneţeanu “works” in “online” under the money of a real estate tycoon

Once the heads of one of the great publications in Romania, financially supported by the tycoon Dinu Patriciu, the journalist Adrian Halpert and Patriciu’s manager, Răzvan Cornețeanu, are now trying to bloom with a brand raised by the journalist Tiberiu Lovin, writes Adrian Halpert and Răzvan Cornețeanu have already witnessed Lovin’s removal from the company, for a “small amount” in exchange, bringing on the table the businessman Liviu Tudor, one of the former “enriched” people from Bancorex.”

  • – Article published on November 4th, 2006:

“The fraternity is clogging up – Dorin Iacob, Magureanu’s business partner, Liviu Tudor, Hrebenciuc’s business partner and Iacobov, have created an entire financial engineering that has led to collapse of a few companies and banking institutions”

  • – Article published on November 4th, 2006:

“HOT NEWS: Mihai Tudose, associated with the son of RAFO’s Group Partner, the one who guaranteed Virgil Măgureanu loans in amount of EUR 500,000 ” (i.e.: as can be seen later in the article it is about Mr. Liviu Tudor)

  • – Article published on December 8th, 2006:

“THE DAY presents a real case of organized crime in which the main actors are the owners of the “Novo Parc” complex in Bucharest, Romania, in which the Ringier trust is based, of which “Evenimentul Zilei” newspaper is part. Liviu Tudor and the Bacău Group were the craftsman of an incredible financial engineer through whom they managed to fill their accounts with tens of billions”

  • Criminal side:

Mr. Liviu Tudor appears as being investigated in several trials – where he was criminally accused, according to the Directorate for Investigating of Organized Crime and Terrorism– Central Structure, within the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court and Justice, located in Bucharest, Romania, for:

  • establishment of an organised criminal group
  • embezzlement
  • money laundering, according to the criminal file no.2788/D/P/2014.

And the reason why Mr. Liviu Tudor was not convicted under these charges, is not due to his innocence, but because of the closure of the case.

  • Personal side:

Also, on the personal side, Mr. Liviu Tudor does not have a better image, he is most likely involved in adultery with characters of bad image, taking in count their behaviour (e.g.: Vica Blochinaother “singers and “stars” from the public space in Romania), according to the information available in the public space, where it is commented by different “stars”.

Maybe you imagine that his style of doing business, by pumping through various financial tricks, millions of EUR in offshores located in Panama, the Cote d’Azur French area, but also other locations, is his personal branding.

Surprise, surprise

It seems that Mr. Liviu Tudor has also other “colleagues” from whom he took over these models, the originality being not among the attributes that defines him.

According to the economic investigations in the Pandora Papers, several public persons built their fortunes in the same way that Mr. Liviu Tudor did:

  1. Former British Prime Minister – Mr. Tony Blair, who has spoken out against tax relief for decades, in the documents released by Pandora Papers Investigation it is shown that he and his wife have come to own a building in amount of USD 8.8 million (EUR 7.6 million) after buying an offshore Real Estate company from the family of Bahrain’s Minister of Industry and Tourism – Mr. Zayed bin Rashid al-Zayani.

How they did it?

By buying the company’s shares, and NOT the Real Estate directlyTony Blair and his wife, Cherie AVOIDED paying a property tax totaling USD 400,000.

  1. Czech Prime Minister – Andrej Babisa billionaire who came to Czech power in 2017 with the engagement to fight against corruption, is also nominated in the famous Pandora Papers investigation.

Records from 2009 show that Babis injected USD 22 million into a phantom company to buy a two-pool villa with a cinema hall in a mountain village on the French Riviera near Cannes.

The website found that in its statement of ownership, Babis did NOT have included the network of those phantom companies or the respective buildings.

  1. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who also owned a part of an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

One month before the presidential election, in April 2017, the actor who became a top politician quietly sold his shares of beneficial owner, (a person who can influence the shares transactions), held in Maltex, to Sergiy Shefir, a close friend and business partner.

A June 2019 document states that Shefir retained his Maltex shares even after joining the Zelensky presidential administration.

  1. President Kenyatta, a descendant of one of Kenya’s best-known political dynasties, campaigned against corruption and called for greater transparency in politics.

But records in the possession of investigative journalists show that President Kenyatta and his mother are the beneficiaries of a secret foundation in Panama offshore.

Other family members, including three brothers, own five offshores companies worthing more than USD 30 million.

  1. We continue with the “Holy Land”, which is not really “Holy”, if we are referring to the King Abdullah II of Jordan, who bought in Malibu, California, three villas by the ocean, totaling USD 68 million, through offshores companies, in the middle of the Arab Spring, when his subjects protested in the street against corruption and lack of jobs.
  1. Secret documents also exposed the Moroccan Princess, Lalla Hasnaa, as the owner of an offshore company that bought a USD 11 million building in a luxury London neighborhood near Kensington Palace.

Hasnaa acquired the building using funds from the Moroccan Royal Family, according to the documents released by the journalists from the ICIJ – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which also show that her occupation is being a “Princess”.

A princess … but a “bad” taxpayer

  1. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the Emir of Dubai, also holds shares in three companies registered in secret jurisdictions.

As per one song: Dubai, Dubai, heavenly life…

  1. This is also the view of his neighbor, the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, that uses offshore companies to make investments, manage his wealth and put it on “shelter” in the benefit of his family.

The Panama Papers have already revealed that his own super-yacht claimed to be worth USD 300 million was managed by offshores companies.

  1. Turkish billionaire Erman Ilicaka construction tycoon, also had connection with two offshores companies, both being in the ownership of his mother since 2014.

Both companies owned securities from the conglomerate of construction companies belonging to the family.

Ilicak’s company, Ronesans Holding, was the one to build the 1,150 rooms Presidential Palace of Turkish President – Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of which so much has been written and talked about.

  1. The Russian President – Vladimir Putin, does not make any difference in this ranking of “bad” taxpayers, but he does not appear directly in these files, but together with other relatives, friends – including his best childhood friend, now dead, to whom political opponents called “Putin’s Wallet” and ex-girlfriends.

At the same time, the documents also highlighted a possible romantic relationship between the Kremlin leader and a woman whose identity has not yet been revealed, but who has received a lot of “attentions” from Putin, that she most likely acquired taking in count the advices received from Putin – through financial tricks similar to a Matryoshka doll, passing by his capital through the British Virgin Islands and Panama – where the final beneficiary is hidden under several “layers”.

Also, according to Pandora’s documents, some of the Russian President’s relatives used Monaco as a discreet center for their financial affairs.

At the same time, geopolitics has its role in this story.

Prince Albert, the leader of Monaco’s Principality, has a very good relationship with Vladimir Putin.

In the last two decades, Russian influence in the Monaco’s Principality has grown and become more obviously.

Dominique Anastasis, a lawyer in Monaco, said that foreigners, including wealthy Russians, were attracted to the warm climate and lack of taxes in this area. “No one here asks where your money comes from. There is no “check” culture. You don’t need to have a tax return, “Anastasis said.

The enrichment of Putin’s friends began during his first madate in Kremlin, when the president publicly declared war over the oligarchs.

He has condemned the business owners who made their fortunes in the 1990s and considered themselves, as Putin said at the time, “gods”.

Putin’s political approach has continued, and in the last years, after countless political abuses, he started complaining about the Russian tycoons who are hiding their money abroad.

Practically, Vladimir Putin did not suppress the oligarchs, but built a new feudal system, in which his friends and the KGB associates were the main beneficiaries.

Some of them have acquired huge fortunes, but this wealth in my opinion is not really theirs…

So, these are the “colleagues” of Romania’s Real Estate “Naked King” – Mr. Liviu Tudor and these are his business “models” …

But let’s see what will happen at the “Baccalaureate” moment – will Mr. Liviu Tudor fail or pass?


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