Mexican beer rebrands as Ebola to avoid association with coronavirus


    Mexico City (dpo) – The dangerous coronavirus is spreading quickly and is a source of fear for many. In order to avoid associations with the negative headlines, Mexican commercial brewery Grupo Modelo has announced that its most popular beer, Corona Extra, is to be rebranded as Ebola Extra. “We don’t want our customers to feel like they are drinking an infectious disease,” explained a spokesperson for Grupo Modelo, hence the decision to go for a worldwide rebrand.

    The new name, Ebola, is a neologism with a lovely ring to it according to the brewery. It stands for Extremo abocado liquido con ácido ascórbico or “very quaffable liquid containing ascorbic acid.” Ascorbic acid is an ingredient of Corona (now Ebola) along with water, hops, yeast, barley malt, maize, rice and papain.

    The rebrand will be part of a multimedia ad campaign featuring the catchy slogan, “I’m doing great. I’ve got Ebola.”


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