DNA denouncer Irina Socol has jailed all the owners of IT companies in Romania … IT combinators are nearing the end


Irina Socol from the IT company Siveco would be one of the complainants of the general manager of Oracle Romania, Sorin Mîndruţescu, court sources told G4Media.ro. According to them, Mîndruțescu’s name was mentioned in a denunciation concerning several persons, registered at DNA (National Anti-corruption Division) Ploiesti.

However, Socol has an impressive track record of denounced persons: former PSD deputy, Sebastian Ghita, former PNL Minister of Transport, Relu Fenechiu, Lucian Duţă, former CNAS PDL president, Ana Maria Pătru, former head of the AEP, Ancea Macovei, former head of the IT direction from ANAF.

This after, on May 3, 2016, Socol was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for tax evasion. It was released in record time on July 16, 2016.

In 2016, Socol withdrew from the Siveco Romania shareholding. According to the data from the Trade Register, if in September 2015, Irina Socol was a shareholder with 16.57% of the share capital of Siveco Romania, in August 2016, she would no longer be among the shareholders.

Sebi Ghiţă was denounced by Irina Socol in the file “Tax for IT contracts”

Former deputy Sebastian Ghita is accused of having cleared the IT contracts granted by the state. The owners of some IT companies, such as Siveco, would have agreed to give part of the money to Ghita, either to win contracts or to carry out these contracts in good conditions. The prosecutors claim that Ghita took commissions in the form of fictitious contracts concluded between the companies controlled by him and the IT companies that received the contracts from the state. Between 2007 and 2014, Ghiţă would have raised 10 million euros.

Contracts with Siveco. Between 2007 and 2014, Ghiţă would have received from the representatives of Siveco Romania almost 23 million lei, ie almost 5 million euros, to help them obtain contracts with:

CNAS for the “Electronic Health File”. The cadastral agency for the implementation of the project “national electronic register of RENNS street nomenclature”, worth over 13 million lei,

Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital for “developing the medical information system through e-health services for the benefit of the inhabitants of Prahova county”, worth over 6.5 million lei.

Tulcea County Council for integrated system implementation and training services and professional training for the project “implementation in Tulcea county of integrated e-tax, e-payment and e-government systems as well as providing broadband connections” of 5.8 millions of lei.

Brasov County Council for the delivery of hardware equipment, licenses and operating systems, analysis, design, testing and implementation of computer system, configuration and implementation of databases, maintenance of the computer system implemented in the amount of 3.8 million lei.

Anyone knew about this file before he fled. A testimony obtained by prosecutors from DNA Ploiești shows that Sebastian Ghita knew before fleeing, in December 2016, that this criminal case, the 5th, was to be made. A witness told prosecutors:

“… in the presence of several trusted people (Sebastian Ghita – n.r.) said that he became aware of the fact that in the D.N.A. – S T Ploieşti there is a file following some complaints made by Baba de Siveco (Irina Socol – n.r.) and Berdila from Romsys … “)

Fenechiu, also denounced by Socol. Former PNL Minister of Transport, Relu Fenechiu, has entered into an agreement recognizing guilt with DNA prosecutors Ploiesti after being denounced by Irina Socol from Siveco and Horaţiu Berdila from Romsys. Fenechiu admitted that he received bribes of 900,000 euros to help them conclude IT contracts with the state. Fenechiu agreed to receive a sentence of 3 years and 10 months of detention.

Former president of CNAS, Lucian Duţă, denounced by Irina Socol. The information appears in Duţa’s indictment obtained by G4media. Duţa would have received the bribe, representing a commission of 10 percent of the value of the IT contracts granted by CNAS, from Radu Enache, the representative of Hewlett Packard (HP) Romania and from Irina Socol, the representative of the subcontractor Siveco Romania.

One of the contracts for which Lucian Duta would have requested the 10 percent commission is the one from April 2012 for the implementation of the National Health Insurance Card worth over 87 million lei, that is over 18 million euros. Enache and Socol denounced Lucian Duţă, according to the quoted document.

The former head of the Permanent Electoral Authority, Ana Maria Pătru, accused Irina Socol of denouncing her at Ploiesti DNA. Socol did not deny, but only stated that the polygraph test was passed.

Former President of Siveco Romania, Irina Socol, denounced DNA and Anca Anda Macovei, the head of the IT department of ANAF, according to a statement of the Prahova Tribunal. Socol confessed that he gave Macovei Antey a million euros for a contract with ANAF.


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