US labels Iran force as terrorists


    WOW… is he on a roll ??!!  Trump’s action follows strictly Bibi’s election rhetoric and ambitions.  This is indeed what a true partnership is – that’s good for both sides here and who knows – might end up being good for both countries as well… It might, but although my thinking is that the Middle East cannot escape war this time. If we’re looking to specifics of this administration past 2 years moves in Middle East – and that includes the precipitous arming of the Saudis – and the Israel responses on those moves – or vice-versa, the US responses or no responses on Israel’s moves – we’ve a clear picture on what’s coming – and I believe Bibi will not lose the opportunity to get to Iran before Trump’s term expires.

    I’m almost sure this is a plausible working plan in full development.

    Today’s declaration of Iran’s military as a terrorist organization is the last leg before various skirmishes on / with Iran will start appear and than escalate to the point of no return for Israel and America.  Of course, many pages can and should be written on this subject and development – but I’m sure I made my point here clear enough…

    Going back to “it might be good for both countries” – even a successful war on Iran would not guarantee peace – peace with the Arabs, peace which Israel needs before anything else.  But myself I was always highly suspicious on the dealings between Israel and Saudis – there’s no true common ground there – never will.  I wish will all work out well for Israel to find its peace, of course, but this route is looking more as a one way highway and – as the old saying goes, and beyond being politically correct – it takes two to tango.  But two different ones not two on the same side…

    Enjoy :))

    I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

    Revolutionary Guard Corps: US labels Iran force as terrorists


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