Whistleblower: White House reversed security clearance denials


Security clearances investigation – “it is a partisan attack on the White House”.

Hahaha… but my question to Republicans is what is there “partisan” about security matters?!  Especially at the highest level of the country!!

Appears more evidently than ever – Republicans they’ve lost it completely and definitely – who are they trying to impress / bully when they talk about “dedicated public servants” here – in context, when everyone’s concerns are about Trump’s kids which still hold the highest level of trust in this administration?  Most likely they’re talking to their own “Base”, their blindfolded followers!  And when it comes to serious issues this is what they normally hear and this is what they want and expect to hear – the partisan issue / excuse – it always works, always!

It’s re-elections year – next year, and although Trump is way ahead after Mueller verdict on him, these horrendous missteps in his administration are now coming to hunt him down making the elections a bit more attractive to watch.

All said, I still believe it’s quite hard to lose an election in this country when running against a party with socialism on its agenda!  It blows my mind the Democrats are letting themselves being targets instead of candidates…

Enjoy :))

I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

Whistleblower: White House reversed security clearance denials


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