There are new evidences and heavy names: Dragoş Diaconescu Claudiu Cercel, Mihai Stan (alias Teodorescu), Dana Băescu, Monica Bacilă and not at all by chance, prosecutors Neculai Carlescu and Adrian-PetreTodoran from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to Cornetu Court. They all relate to Alram Servinvest’s credit but also to many other things.

The combinations are huge and for now, we can not reveal everything. We ask, however, why the CSM is inert to this mafia? The mentor of the prosecutor Adrian-Petre Todoran Mirel Rădescu had to be proved by the Americans to be ejected from DIICOT, because the bosses protected him, although they all knew in what kind of combinations he had entered.

The octopus fraud of the giant branch, carried out in the period 2008-2011, directly targeted more than 10 Romanian banks, with an amount of over 35 million euros planned. From this, they eventually managed to raise about 7 million euros, more than half from BRD.

The heads of the mafia were Mihai Stan (aka Mihai Teodorescu) illiterate from Sinteşti, aged 33 and former DIE officer, Dragoş Diaconescu, the brain of the operation.

Each had a precise role. Stan recruited interposed persons who would appear to banks as directors or company directors, and Diaconescu prepared the infernal machine for making fake documents. Subsequently, Stan’s interposed persons were introduced to the banks through Diaconescu’s personal relationships.

The technique of obtaining credits was through dissemination to several banks, in order not to attract attention, that is to say, by filing credit applications of various companies that were financially cosmeticized with debatable documents, falsified at Dragoş Diaconescu’s headquarters, located in Bd. Carol Davila.

Dozens of balance sheets, accounting balances, invoices, Anaf addresses, etc., were falsified in the basement of Carol Davila’s headquarters where the ex-officer had installed a real crime scene organized with photocopiers and performing computers, fax machines and molds of all kinds. All of the documents were designed and processed, forged, by the book, to be delivered to the banks.

The operation was initiated together with Dana Bajescu in 2008, after the DIE ex-officers  carried out the operation “The Wild Metal Trader” in the Dorobanti group.

Diaconescu caught the taste of easy money by seeing how easily you can become rich only from the papers handled by the bank with the help of his acquaintances. At the time of closing the “Wild Rose Metal” operation, the two were back on the job. Dana Băjescu delivered to the ex-officer of DIE the general scheme that was to be followed in order to obtain credits, in any bank in Romania, by making available, as a model, the BRD credit standards, whose badge had been previously deleted. Diaconescu adapted them for each bank and advised along with Bajescu and Cercel on the next steps.

The production of false documents obtained in Diaconescu’s secret lab was delivered to the banks through Stan’s interceptions and was aimed at obtaining credits that were never reimbursed. These were carried out by firms that created real appearances, banknotes and financial legality.

Once the documentation was complete, Dragoş Diaconescu went to work by taking on his own agenda the roofing of the “sources” or recruits before 1990, when he led Argus, Ceausescu’s security company through which recruiting the citizenship Romanian companies for foreign companies in Romania and for joint ventures with Romanian participation outside the country.

For example, before 1990, all Romanian citizenship personnel working in foreign or mixed banks in Romania were filtered and recruited by Dragoş Diaconescu through the famous Argus. This was the case with employees of Societe Generale, Manufacture Hanover Trust, MISR Bank, Franco-Romanian Bank, Italo-Romena Bank, Frankfurt Bucharest Bank, etc.

These brave recruits, many of them young enough before the 90s, have come to occupy key positions in the Romanian banking system over time, becoming Dragos Diaconescu’s favorite target. Some have fallen into the trap of the former officer, others more harassed, like those who worked at BRCE, avoided him or refused him.

The heads of the BRD Mafia were working in tandem, in the bank, being the recruits of Dragoş Diaconescu since the ’90s. If anyone were to follow all bills of credit from BRD, they would see their own fingerprint, to most of them: the double signature of comrades Băjescu and Cercel.

Dana Băjescu


An extract from the true and unqualified CV of the so-called “Grande Mamma N’dragheta by BRD” is further reproduced. This director of the Dorobanti group trained in forging his own identity at DIICOT, posing as a victim or acting as a liar, denouncer, or inventing all sorts of things, which one more aberrant or hilarious, to put the investigators on False tracks.

Dana Bajescu had been a client of Dragoş Diaconescu since 1992 when he joined Societe Generale. This, however, knew him during the Communist period while working at Chimexim. In 1989, Aurel Bâcilā, a present of Dragoş Diaconescu, Dana Băcilă (future Băjescu), her daughter, as a young with a great future. The father, Aurel Bâcilā, was also a recruit and friend of Dragoş Diaconescu, who was placed in Italy at DALPETROL, to be named President of the state-owned company, Petrolexportimport, after 1990.

Aurel Bacila was detained in 1997 for money laundering, being trapped with a system of firefighting companies, usually BVI’s, through which millions of dollars siphoned off the Romanian state for his own pocket, especially through a branch in Lugano, in which a very large bank was caught.

All the siphoning circuit was clear, traceable and easy to identify as firms, but in the ’90s, offshore accounts could only be obtained. Transfers were made on telexs that were archiving. In Societe Generale, the Bucharest Branch has the majority of the siphoning operations, but also the front companies, which were operated by Dana Băjescu, then a foreign exchange worker. These documents were never requested by the Police Inspectorate that conducted the investigation.

Aurel Bâcilā was jailed in 1997 by a 40-year-old police lieutenant colonel who was integrated into the Bācilā-Bajescu family in time as a thank-you for the exceptional services he had brought during the period investigation. Over the years, when the DIICOT triggered jihad against BRD, the young policeman, who in the meantime had many stars, protected Dana Băescu as much as possible, giving him privilege and giving him valuable information investigate.

VIP client, so he was called by Dana Bajescu. We will not divulge the name of a VIP who was a militia before 1989 and who is a retired today because he has received too many hands from his fate but he has not changed. He still walks with nonsense that everybody knows, likes to drink and sheds everything.

Claudiu Cercel

For Cercel I have reserved a color information that points out, beyond any doubt, its affiliation to Dragoş Diaconescu’s lineage, dating back to the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

No more or less Claudiu Cercel, incarcerated in the revolution in 1989, was taken out of prison by General Dragoş Diaconescu. How and why did Officer Diaconescu come to prison? How did he immediately know of Cercel’s incarceration, when there were no cell phones? There are questions whose answers will definitely be buried in the shadow of the secret service, and maybe that’s good, but do not think for a second that Cercel would be a revolutionary, as they claim …

About Claudiu Cercel we have extremely serious information. He was the intermediary of a lot of business that ended badly for the bank, but not for his pocket and circle of close friends.

Market legends speak of the fact that in his field he excelled in exchange earnings using inside information about the bank’s results by acting through intermediaries before they became public. Foreign exchange, interest and forward rates represented another area of ​​performance by Claudiu Cercel, where he offered privilege for only who he wanted, on beautiful eyes and money. Dragoş Diaconescu was one of the great beneficiaries of Claudiu Cercel’s services.

Similarly, the market talks about marginal operations where multiple were discretionary and customer losses were everywhere moved into the pocket of the bank and earnings “legally” in the pockets of “personal clients”, all being a sort of “creme de la creme” both for him and for the gang on the sixth floor of the BRD tower. Do not look for documents or evidence because you will not find them. Cercel took care of archiving procedures by which the documents were automatically destroyed every three months. Nowhere in the world is that possible, but Cercel could.

It is also said to have used eleven handsets to communicate with specific customers to whom confidential information was given and instructions on how and when to place orders for the sale or purchase of shares on the stock exchange and asking subordinates to share the same practices with ” their customers “. With a share of “benefits” obviously to have them at hand. And these people, in their turn, had Cercel at hand, so everything had become a great DOME … These are really heavy combinations for “sophisticated” people. It is said that “they” in the dealing are too smart and squeaky to be caught, so it is not at everyone’s right to make true control.

Playing with fire, throwing miseries, sniffing through intermediaries about others, and thinking that an asymmetric mind can invent scapegoats, it goes, just, up to a certain point. So did Jerome Kerviel, the famous French trader, one day, when he got stuck. So did Dana Bajescu … Even until one day when the criminal system, hidden for many years, by her and the friends in BRD and outside, comes to light.

Because I mentioned GRANDE MAMMA (Dana Băjescu), it was known that Deputy President Cercel placed most of his “credit and leases” combinations on a regular basis at the Dorobanţi group where he was at home, usually with his spiritual parent, Dragoş Diaconescu.

The diversion with “The Wild Metal Rose” held in May 2013 at DIICOT because the prosecutor was given false information about Dana Bajescu. The “Society” was introduced in the Dorobanti BRD office for credit and leasing, also by Cercel and Bajescu after a discussion with DIE officer, Dragoş Diaconescu, in Mântuleasa, Paleologu street, attended by the “evaluator”, Monica Băcilă (sister of Dana Băescu) and the “notary” daughter of the ex-DIE officer. The combination was absolutely phenomenal.

The “Wild Metal Rose” file will be treated appropriately in a future article.

In BRD, Dragoş Diaconescu’s personal accounts were managed only by Dana Bajescu, at the Dorobanti Branch, and the former officer’s girls carried out contract business only with the Dorobanti group (exchange offices and notary offices).

“Loan demand” was very high for Claudiu Cercel because he had become famous outside the bank for “he could solve it all” by wrestling the way of the Dorobanti branch and shedding credit after leasing or leasing. Credits were granted either to the competence of the group or to the credit committee at the BRD, from which Cercel was part.

In order not to attract the attention and not to shake too hard the line in the Dorobanti group, Cercel has diversified its scope of action by focusing on other groups in Bucharest, as was the case with the Academia group, but the one with which he advised closely, it was all comrade Bajescu.

With Stan and Diaconescu, lending, through the Dorobanti Group, things could no longer continue after the operation “Wild Metal Rose” extended with Sogelease. They had reached the threshold of nearly 3 million euros that the BRD central bank had signed. Cercel knew all the details from Diaconescu and Bajescu.

Having no entrance to the Academy’s group, as he had in his relationship with Dana Băjescu, Deputy Cercel has manipulated, citing the loans he introduces, that they are “important business” for BRD, putting permanent pressure on them by mail and telephone, for the intimidation of a recently appointed commercial director.

In order not to not connect with Operation “Wild Metal Rose “, Cercel introduced Stan to the Academy’s group as Teodorescu, that is, under a false identity.

In December 2011, a courageous person in the leadership of the Academy’s group (not that commercial director) revolted by the repeated pressures made by Claudiu Cercel, who forced the instrumentalisation of loans for very dubious people among whom Teodorescu was a priority, addressed a French Note, The President of BRD, Guy Popeet, in which he pointed out the interventions of Cercel.

Guy POUPET was, at that moment, on the departure leg of BRD and Romania to be changed with MAYMAT Alexandre. That’s right, POUPET did not seriously treat the explicit document sent by the rebellious director of the Academy, but put it on stand by, having only a general discussion with Claudiu Cercel who obviously denied everything.

Cercel’s reaction was absolutely natural because we wonder how could he have acknowledged the deeds committed with the gypsies in Sinteşti, given that the information evoked in the discussion with Poupet had a criminal connotation? Moreover, this discussion, initiated by POUPET, had the gift of preventing CERCEL, whose subsequent actions became much more cautious.

Here is a section of the Note, with precise information and data, addressed to the BRD management, by the rebellious director of the Academy.

Document 1

What saved Cercel was the fact that Poupet made photocopies of the document received from the director of the Academia group, which he gave to several people.

Here are some examples of emails that show the repeated pressures made by Cercel for various loans to companies with very dubious shareholders or contacts.

The first document is explicit and refers to Cercel’s conversations with Alram’s trade manager Alram, Teodorescu alias Stan, Amuza, and Piturcā, all of whom are involved in the broad criminal fraud activities of the banks in Romania, elaborated by Dragoş Diaconescu. The debut in BRD had been made with the “Wild Rose of Metal” at the Dorobanti group. Read the email below.

Document 2

Consultant Razvan Necula, has attracted elegant attention to Vice President Cercel in connection with all the elements that create clear suspicions about customer quality and creditworthiness. But Necula did not know that Teodorescu was not Teodorescu and that in reality he is called Stan. Cercel knew this very well … He knew very well that the person mentioned in the e-mail with the name of Teodorescu was actually called Stan, his companion with whom he saw himself through various restaurants, such as Aqua, in Herastrau. Earl had evaluated Stan very positively since Operation Wild Metal.

It can be noticed in the above-mentioned e-mail that Cercel’s response is a damping of the relationship to continue obtaining credit, asking for the client to be informed, because once he prevented the sensibilities of bringing new fake documents from Diaconescu’s laboratory because “the Aqua deal”, to which he had committed himself, to become a reality.

The combination of characters is in the absurd field. What could have to discuss, at Aqua,  the illiterate Stan with the elevated Cercel? The latter discussed the deception of colleagues from BRD – Academiei, which obviously had not informed them that the triple Stan-Diaconescu-Bajescu had already “eased” BRD – Dorobanti through the “Wild Metal Rose” with 2.8 million euros, introducing Stan, under the name of Teodorescu, to obtain the fraudulent credit and the 10% stake.

In the same way, Cercel also acted in the case of the “firm” AHM credit for the company at the end of 2009 and later in 2012. He knew clearly that the intermediary, the man who was present at the bank under the name of Teodorescu, was in fact Stan. This combination was not achieved because in 2009, Liliana Groza, no. 2 of the Academy Group and DIICOT, in 2012, noticed ..

The following document shows the highly dubious quality of the people whom Cercel introduced to the Academia group. The person in the mail had to be called from Cercel. Even under these circumstances, when asked about various company data she represented, she refused to answer, closing the phone.

Document 3

Cercel, instead of being indignant, of such behavior, apologizes to him for saying he was wrong. It’s something, really, incredible.

The document below clearly shows that Cercel was the contact person in which outsiders from outside the bank intervened to “move” the stagnant credit files due to the intrinsic problems of the balance sheets or guarantees presented.

Document 4

In the e-mail below, you can see how Vice-President Cercel urgently required contacting a client, by phone and sms, to achieve the purpose he proposed, given that those who addressed the group to the academy said they were not its sphere of activity. However, he guided everything as if he were the BRD Network’s supervisor.

Document 5

In the Societe Generale group, when you approach people from other spheres of activity than your supervised one, there is a rule of copying the supervisor of that activity. That was not part of Cercel’s concern. The French note (Document 1), addressed to Guy Poupet, has arisen from these considerations.

It can not be said, however, that it is a matter of overcoming competence. Anyone in the bank could recommend clients. It is normal and natural and is practiced in all banks in the country and the world.

What differs between the recommendation and Cercel’s practice is that he knew the unclear details that stood behind the clients recommended by him.

There are incredible statements made by Cercel in other criminal files, where he aberrantly asserted that he had no connection with groups, directors, and credit files, arguing that he was dealing only with the Financial and Treasury Markets, according to his job post.

Thus, prosecutors were misled.

In the above documents, you saw only a few emails revealed by a courageous director of the Academiei group who unveiled the real reality.

Below is the document sent by the Police Inspectorate, Ilfov, to BRD, dated March 21, 2011 and taken over by the BRD Compliance Directorate, which shows that information was requested about ALRAM Servinvest. At Ilfov Police, everything was just an ankle game. But the key element is missing, because everything was investigated at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to Cornetu Court …

Prosecutor Carlescu, protector of Alram and Euro Trading, the companies of the association between Stan and Diaconescu through Cercel and Băescu, the comrade of Todoran Adrian-Petre from DIICOT …

Document 6

On Aug. 23, 2011, Alram Servinvest came under the magnifying glass of DNA.

Document 7

Also in 2011, General Virgil Ardelean informed President Guy POUPET about the possible criminal activities carried out by Claudiu Cercel with the gypsy mafia through ex-officer Dragoş Diaconescu.

Ardelean addressed the President POUPET, based on the existing contract between BRD and Arvifox, which belonged to the general. Virgil Ardelean, also known as the “Fox,” had previously headed the “Two-and-a-Quarter” unit of the Ministry of the Interns.

(will follow)


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