6 Elegant Essentials for Outdoor Dining

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6 Elegant Essentials for Outdoor Dining
At the height of summer there’s no greater pleasure than packing a basket full of gourmet treats, finding a secluded spot, and enjoying a picnic with friends and family. Eating alfresco at home on green lawn or shaded terrace is even better. And with silverware to turn a cheeseboard into a work of art, recipes inspired by the Californian coast, and glassware fit for an emperor, we’ve tracked down the products to elevate an outdoor meal or drinks on the veranda into an elegant occasion to remember.
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Open-Air Art: 7 Must-Visit Sculpture Parks
From giant roosters, deer, and hares, to mysterious shifting fog installations, some of the most exciting works of art are sited outside the traditional confines of a gallery in sculpture parks, giving visitors a whole new perspective on the pieces themselves and the landscapes they dominate—all while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful open spaces. Here are seven to put on your outdoor-art agenda.
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Iconic Architecture: The Greek Revival Style
With the archaeological rediscovery of its ancient ruins, Greek culture transformed popular consciousness in the early 19th century. Architects were drawn to the calm order of column, frieze, and pilaster, where mathematically exact proportions imparted magnificence and a sense of the eternal. Here, we present five homes where that connection with the past creates tranquil exteriors and light, airy interior spaces pleasing the eye and reviving the soul.
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Artist Fernando  Mastrangelo's Sculptural Furniture
Visit Fernando Mastrangelo’s New York studio and, on any given day, you might find piles of salt, sand, ball bearings, cement, even coffee—just a few of the materials he uses in his striking paintings and sculptural work. “If you marry form, content, and materials, you have a balanced work of art,” he says.
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